About Us

Ijad Group Consulting Engineers established in June 1982 with the consultation and participation of a group of experts and engineers in various fields of technical and architecture with the aim of supplying and providing technical and collaborative studies in conducting national and regional construction projects and registered under Number 44714 at the company registration office in Tehran.
Ijad Group Consulting Engineers with the 40 years of continuous and successful professional activity and with the most advanced and updated methods of design and management in the field of design and supervising the implementation of a large number of national projects in different airport trends, higher education, sports, office, residential, reconstruction and also urban development projects with approximately 5000 billion IRR project under construction as well as 120 employees working in the central office and other offices in numerous provinces, engaged in engineering activities in different trends of architecture, structures, mechanical and electrical installations, estimation as well as management and project control.
Consulting engineers is a group of founding members of the Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers, with the approval and authorization of the program and budget organization in the highest rank in architecture and urbanism trends, by receiving the certificates of Quality Management systems (ISO 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001). The company is active in national and regional projects in the following fields of expertise.

Grade one- Residential, commercial, administrative, industrial, and military buildings.
These professional fields include most of the urban buildings like residential and administrative towers, hotels, and professional buildings like subway stations.

Grade one- Educational, sports, health and medical buildings.
These professional fields include designing and supervising on constructing educational buildings with sportive complexes, hospitals and health centers.

Company Management:
Management of the company believes that the most fundamental factor of success, attracting valuable manpower, specialized management of projects and serious coherence of specialized areas with different tendencies in the workplace is sincere. Responsible accountability to employers, public acceptability, complete and accurate delivery of advanced services, specific and special valuation to the objectives of the employers, is the main planning and management of the company.
Mr. Touraj Zand who’s been graduated in architecture in May 1980 from Shahid Beheshti University, is the chief of board and the operation manager of Ijad Group Consulting Engineers Company. His work experience is focused on the services of consulting engineers companies and mainly in Ijad Group Consulting Engineers Co.

Work experience:
Designing and supervising on constructing buildings in professional fields which was told before like skyscrapers, administrative and commercial complexes, hotels and educational areas in universities all over the country, subway stations and so on.
Project management services include guiding and leading the consultants, contractors and projects that require coordinating between various parts of design and construct. These services are represented in contracts as “consultation”, “design manager”, “employer advisers” and “the fourth factor”

Working fields:

Ijad Group Consulting Engineers Co. has independent work departments in the following professional fields:
▪ Architecture
▪ Urban planning
▪ Structure Designing
▪ Electrical Facilities
▪ Mechanical Facilities
▪ Surveying
▪ Quantity Surveying and Estimating
▪ Contracts
▪ Planning and Project Control
▪ Research
▪ Supervising and Constructing
▪ Administrative
▪ Financial
▪ public Relations affairs